Hello welcome to my blog. I am a mom, wife,and a registered nurse in the Uk with 10 years of practice and counting, both in the Uk and outside of the Uk. I started this blog out of a desire to bring most up to date information and relevant information to nurses wanting to practice in the Uk.

Having migrated myself I understand the difficulty faced by a lot of nurses iHellon their transition and placements, I also understand well the impact of not having information and how devastating this is for most people.

    With an earnest desire to bridge this gap and provide a seamless flow by way of providing information to one and all making their process of transition effortless.

In addition to this, I will be sharing life experiences with you to motivate you in your journey. I will be sharing all my interests, discoveries that will sure make your day, do well to subscribe, and enjoy reading.

Making a decision to migrate can be overwhelming for most especially when single or married with children and when finances are a matter of consideration, however I can say if you are not happy where you are make the first move on your decision to better your path if not for yourself for your children, I never regretted it and am sure you won’t, and be rest assured I will be an email away.


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