~~ Where’s the doctor, you’re just the nurse.
I’m just a nurse.
I just found an irregular heart beat that requires a pace maker.
I just caught a baby as it entered this world.
I just held a dying man’s hand as he passed.
I just told a woman her husband has died.
I just got vomit on my shirt but didn’t flinch.
I just taught a new dad how to settle a screaming infant.
I just healed a chronic ulcer after 6 months of wound care.
I just got punched by a drug intoxicated patient.
I just helped a patient walk on their new hip.
I just delivered pain relief to a grown man crying in agony.
I just vaccinated an at risk child from meningococcal.
I just consoled a co worker because she’s burntout.
I just took away an elderly mans licence, his independence, because his vision is failing.
I just got yelled at, by a man who’s had to wait 20 minutes, to be seen.
I just skipped my lunch, again, because the Dr was running late.
I just hugged a stranger because they’re an exhausted carer.
I just learnt basic Mandarin phrases so I could greet and assess a patient.
I just coded a patient, and lost them.
I just wore PPE for 8 hours straight and didn’t complain.
I just cleaned up shit with a smile on my face.
I just got undermined by a Dr in front of a patient.
I just started early.
I just finished late.
I just held back tears until I reached the store room.
I just heard my patient say they’re suicidal.
I just pulled out of my kids school assembly as we’re understaffed.
I just got a smile from a little girl in the supermarket.
I do a job everyone needs but only a few will do.
So go on, say I’m just a nurse.

You are not just a nurse, you are a life saver, a joy, a smile,a sacrifice, you are more, appreciate yourself even if mo one does. I see you.

We are nurses and we are strong!!


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