We offer a range of information services to help you achieve your goal and dream of living and working in the UK as a nurse.


We help with consultations, linking you to recruiting hospitals, care home and jobs in trusts in Uk. We also assist you with all the how’s and information on registration.


Our core inspiration arises from our experiences as Overseas Nurses understanding the process and acknowledging the difficulties that prospective registrants face in there journey, and the paucity of information and resources bore this vision.


At any stage you may be with your journey and not sure what you need, or what it costs. We can explain what services are right for you . Get in touch below.


Our focus is on you, your process, your journey and ultimately your success.

Information Services

Our mission is to give you a seamlessly straight forward journey by making you informed with firsthand relevant and up to date information on immigration, registration and jobs in the UK with the advantage of been on the inside which you wouldn’t get from recruiters. This is to empower you with the right information to make informed decisions on your career, choice of location etc based on insider insights.

Let’s bring your dream alive together.